Canon Pixma MP495 Cartridge Review

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Published: 25th November 2010
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Entry-level all in one ink jet printers keep dropping in price as well as enhance their function sets. Canon's new PIXMA MP495 is the same cost as its forerunner, the PIXMA MP490, while now incorporating wireless connection as standard.

Nonetheless, it does leave a few things from the formula, also, possessing no memory card slots or possibly a PictBridge connector, whereas the MP490 had both. The 'P' in MP495 claims to stand for Photo, but it is tough to see exactly how this particular all in one qualifies, since you can't really print pictures straight from a digital camera.

Canon has swung free from its silver and black colouring and it has rather gone for a high-gloss black appearance, that is smart however , so simple to smudge that you're going to almost certainly want to keep a cloth convenient.

The paper pathway is conventional enough, with paper feeding out of a 100-sheet tray setup behind, to a fold-down output tray in front. The front tray jumps open mechanically if you begin printing with it shut. On top of the appliance is a simple flatbed scanner, which has a cover which lifts to allow for books along with single sheets.

The control panel is actually amazingly busy with respect to a low-cost inkjet printer, having a seven-segment LED display which is used to show the amount of copies in addition to symbols pertaining to status conditions. There's also indicators regarding low ink, paper jams as well as paper type, that's selectable by way of a push-button. In front of all these are six buttons for you to start and stop scan and copy jobs, to call up setup features and to automatically fit a print to the page.

This is actually a twin-cartridge printer, having individual black and tri-colour cartridges. They both snap in to place once you have lifted the main scanner area of the PIXMA MP495.

Wireless setup is more confused compared to many, since the setup program only refers to USB or network connections and only brings up wireless when you are a way down the network course. You have to utilize the wireless set up cable as a short-term connection as well as key in your WPA pass code at the Personal computer, however the operation is subsequently quite automatic.

Canon is actually fair minded enough to offer ISO rates of speed, in this case 8.8ppm with regard to black and also 5ppm for colour. Even these much more realistic figures happen to be tough to match under test, however, mainly because the printer carried out tests as well as preparation having to take 15 seconds roughly before beginning each print. This time would be ruled out in the ISO measurements.

The five-page text document printed at 5.6ppm, but this expanded to 6.9ppm in the lengthier, 20-page test. The black text and colour graphics pages required in excess of two minutes, however, providing a rate of merely 2.4ppm. A solitary page copy finished in 41 seconds plus a 15 x 10cm photo on an A4 glossy photo sheet needed 1min 24secs. Both of these rates of speed are reasonable regarding a device at this price tag.

Print quality using the Canon PIXMA MP495 ink cartridges is usually fine with crystal clear, well-formed black text together with draft mode text also seeming highly serviceable. Colour graphics are likewise clear as well as vibrant, giving appealing and also eye-catching documents.

The photo print was clear plus colours were natural, although, uncommonly for Canon, a lot of darker detail was lost.

What it in fact is dependant on is if you appreciate wireless internet connection over memory card slots and PictBridge connection for your camera. In the event you hardly ever print pictures then the Canon PIXMA MP495 really provides value for money as a low-cost printer, copier and also scanner. If you want to print photos, though, it is significantly more awkward when compared with its immediate precursor.

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